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Georgios Vitalis

, , 1840 - 1901

Was born in Isternia. He studied in Athens and at the Academy of Fine Arts of Munich. He was honoured by many rewards and gold medals, in Greece and abroad.

Sochos Lazaros

, , 1862 - 1911

Was born in Isternia. He studied first in Athens, then in Paris; and became professor of the Fine Arts School in Athens in 1908.

Sochos Antonios

, , 1888 - 1975

Was born in Isternia of a family of sculptors.

Georgios, Markos, Lasaros and Ioannis Fitalis

Sculptors, who were born in Isternia at around 1821. They founded a studio of marble sculpture in Athens, which became a breeding ground of Greek artists over a period of 40 years.

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