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Angoules Fotis

, , 1911 - 1964


Prime Minister

Mavrokordatos Alexandros

, , 1791 - 1865

He came from Chios island, where his family took refuge after the Fall of Constantinople.

Famous families

Marina (de Marinis)

  The name of an ancient and noble family of the Republic of Genoa, distinguished alike in the Island of Chios, one of its dependencies, where it possessed many beautiful and valuable estates. Besides giving to the Church one pope, Urban VII, it adorned the Dominican Order with several eminent theologians and distinguished religious.
LEONARDO MARINI, archbishop, born 1509 on the island of Chios, in the Aegean Sea; died 11 June 1573, at Rome. He entered the order in his native place, and, after his religious profession, made his studies in the Convent of Genoa with great distinction, obtaining finally the degree of Master of Sacred Theology.
  He was a man of deep spirituality, and was esteemed the most eloquent of contemporary orators and preachers. On 5 March 1550, Julius III created him titular Bishop of Laodicea and administrator of the Diocese of Mantua. On 26 Feb., 1562, Pius IV elevated him to the metropolitan See of Lanciano, and the same year appointed him papal legate to the Council of Trent, in all the deliberations of which he took a prominent part. Marini now resigned his diocesan duties and retired to the castle of his brother to combat by pen and prayer the errors of the reformers. Pius V, however, not slow in recognizing his brilliant talents, appointed him to the See of Alba and made him Apostolic Visitor of twenty-five dioceses. In 1572 he was sent by Gregory XIII on a mission to Philip II of Spain and Sebastian of Portugal to secure from these monarchs a renewal of their alliance against the Turks. His mission was successful.
  He returned to Rome to be elevated to the cardinalate, but died two days after his return.

Joseph Schroeder, ed.
Transcribed by: Douglas J. Potter
This extract is cited June 2003 from The Catholic Encyclopedia, New Advent online edition URL below.


Dimos Avdeliodis

, , 1952

  Born on the island of Chios in 1952. He studied at the Athens University School of Philosophy and the Giorgos Theodossiadis Drama School. Apart from his films Dimos Avdeliodis has also directed for the stage.

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Leo Allatius

, , 1588 - 1669

  A learned Greek of the seventeenth century, b. on the island of Chios in 1586, and d. at Rome, 19 January, 1669. He entered the Greek college at Rome in 1600, spent three years in Lucania with his countryman, Bishop Bernard Giustiniani, and then returned to Chios where he proved of great assistance to the Latin Bishop, Marco Giustiniani. In 1616, he received the degree Doctor of Medicine from the Sapienza, was made Scriptor in the Vatican Library, and later, professor of rhetoric at the Greek College, a position which he held for only two years. Pope Gregory XV sent him to Germany, in 1622, to bring to Rome the Palatinate library of Heidelberg, which Maximilian had presented to the Pope in return for war subsidies, a task which he accomplished in the face of great difficulties. In the death of Gregory XV (1623) Allatius lost his principal patron; but with the support of influential churchmen, he continued his researches especially upon the Palatinate manuscripts. Alexander VII made him custodian of the Vatican library in 1661, where he remained till his death. With untiring energy Allatius combined a vast erudition, which he brought to bear upon literary, historical, philosophical, and theological questions. He laboured earnestly to effect the reconciliation of the Greek Church with that of Rome and to this end wrote his most important work, "De Ecclesiae Occidentalisatque Orientalis perpetua consensione" (Cologne, 1648), in which the points of agreement between the Churches are emphasized, while their differences are minimized. He also edited or translated into Latin the writings of various Greek authors, corresponded with the foremost scholars of Europe, contributed as editor to the "Corpus Byzantinorum" (Paris), and arranged for the Publication of a "Bibliotheca Scriptorum Graecorum". He bequeathed his manuscripts about 150 volumes) and his correspondence (over 1,000 letters) to the library of the Oratorians in Rome.

Francis W. Gray, ed.
Transcribed by: Karen S. Williams
This text is cited Dec 2003 from The Catholic Encyclopedia, New Advent online edition URL below.

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