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Amphidamas or Amphidamus (Amphidamos), general of the Eleans in B. C. 218, was taken prisoner by Philip, king of Macedonia, and carried to Olympia, but was set at liberty on his undertaking to bring over his countrymen to Philip's side. But not succeeding in his attempt, he went back to Philip, and is spoken of as defending Aratus against the charges of Apelles. (Polyb. iv. 75, 84, 86.)



Hegesistratus. An Elean soothsayer, one of the Telliadae. The Spartans, whose enemy he was, having once got him into their power, confined him with his foot in a species of stocks, intending to put him to death; but Hegesistratus cut his foot off with a knife, escaped from prison, and fled to Tegea, which was then at war with the Lacedaemonians. He was hired by Mardonius, and acted as sooth-sayer sayer for the Persians at the battle of Plataea, B. C. 479; some time after which he fell again into the hands of the Spartans, at Zacynthus, and was put to death by them. (Herod. ix. 37.)

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