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Libon from Elis

Libon. An architect of Elis, who built the temple of Olympian Zeus, in the sacred grove Altis, out of the proceeds of the spoil taken from the Pisaeans and some other people (Pausan. v. 10, 3). This temple was built in the Doric style, and it must have been erected about B.C. 444-440.

Libon, an Eleian, was the architect of the great temple of Zeus in the Altis at Olympia, which was built by the Eleians out of the spoils of Pisa and other neighbouring cities, which had revolted from them, and had been again subdued (Paus. v. 10. 2 or 3). This event is believed to have occurred about 01. 50, B. C. 580 (Ib. vi. 22, 2 or 4); but there is no reason to suppose that the temple was commenced immediately, or even soon, after this date. It seems more probable that the temple had not been very long completed when Phidias began to make in it his gold and ivory statue of Zeus (01. 85. 4, B. C. 437). Allowing for the time which so magnificent a work as this temple would occupy, we may safely place the architect's date somewhat before the middle of the fifth century B. C. The temple itself is described by Pausanias (v. 10). A few ruins of it remain. (Stanhope, Olympia, p. 9; Cockerell, Bibl. Ital. 1831, No. 191, p. 205; Blonet, Expedition Scient. de la Moroe, livr. 11, pl. 62, foll.)

This text is from: A dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology, 1873 (ed. William Smith). Cited Oct 2006 from The Perseus Project URL below, which contains interesting hyperlinks

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