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Menaechmus and Soidas

Naupactian sculptors.

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Asopius, son of Phormion, was, at the request of the Acarnanians who wished to have one of Phormion's family in the command, sent by the Athenians in the year following his father's naval victories, B. C. 428 (the 4th of the Peloponnesian war), with some ships to Naupactus. He fell shortly after in an unsuccessful attempt on the Leucadian coast. (Thuc. iii. 7.)



Carcinus, of Naupactus, is mentioned by Pausanias (x. 38.6) among the cyclic poets; and Charon of Lampsacus, before whose time Carcinus must have lived, attributed to him the epic poem Naupaktria, which all others ascribed to a Milesian poet.

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