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Fighters of the 1821 revolution


Meletopoulos Dimitrios

, , 1796 - 1858


EGHION (Ancient city) ACHAIA


Hyperbatas or Hyperbatus (Huperbatas, Plut.; Hgperbatos, Polyb.). General of the Achaean league in B. C. 224, during the war with Cleomenes. It was under his nominal command, though the real direction of affairs was in the hands of Aratus, that the Achaeans met with the decisive defeat at Hecatomboeon. (Plut. Cleom. 14.)


Hyperbatas. General of the Achaeans in B. C. 179. The Romans having sent to require of the league the recal of all the Lacedaemonian exiles without distinction, Hyperbatus held an assembly, in which he urged, in opposition to Lycortas, the necessity of compliance with this request (Polyb. xxvi. 1.) On this occasion he took the same side with Callicrates, and we find him again, in B. C. 168, uniting with that unworthy statesman against the proposal of Lycortas and his party, to send assistance to the two Ptolemies in their war against Antiochus Epiphanes. (Id. xxix. 8.)

Members of the Filiki Etairia (Society of Friends)


Lontos Andreas

, , 1786 - 1846


KERYNIA (Ancient city) ACHAIA


Iseas, tyrant of Ceryneia in Achaia, at the period of the first rise of the Achaean league. Alarmed at the rapid progress of the confederacy --the four cities of Dyme, Patrae, Tritaea, and Pharae, which formed the original league, having been already joined by Aegium and Bura--he judged it prudent to provide for his personal safety by voluntarily abdicating the sovereign power, whereupon Ceryneia immediately joined the Achaeans. (Polyb. ii. 41.)

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