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Aristocles of Cydonia was one of the most ancient sculptors; and though his age could not be clearly fixed, it was certain that he flourished before Zancle was called Messene (Paus. v. 25.6), that is, before 494 B. C.

Krisilas, Kresilas, Cresilas, 5th c. B.C.

The school of Phidias had rivals in the naturalistic school which followed Myron, including his son, Lycius, and Cresilas of Cydonia

  Kresilas of Kydonia in Crete (not necessarily identical with the "Ctesilaus" who "made a Doryphoros and a wounded Amazon": Pliny in N.H. 34.75) is often given the Sciarra type, though his style is only known from the Perikles portrait (Ch. 6.3) if the copies we have indeed reproduce the statue noted by Pliny, N.H. 34.74 and Pausanias (1.28.2 -- but omitting the sculptor). "Cydon" probably repeats Kresilas's own ethnic, a slip which may have eliminated another name (Strongylion, whose Amazon is praised by Pliny in N.H. 34.82?); while Phradmon of Argos is known for three other works, all lost.

This extract is from: Andrew Stewart, One Hundred Greek Sculptors: Their Careers and Extant Works. Cited Oct 2003 from Perseus Project URL below, which contains extracts from the ancient literature, bibliography & interesting hyperlinks.


Lycidas of Cydonia

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