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Philonides of Chersonesus, 4th cent. BC

Engineer, Land surveyor, chartographer. Son of Zoilos. Engineer of Alexander΄s Army accompanied him to his campaigh to Asia. He is mentioned by Diogenis Laertios as a "surveyor of the lands conquered by Alexander". Work He measured daily, as a "day - measeurer and stepper", the put - back itineraries by the army and prepared a "route diagram" showing the marching way and the surroundings.
  On a scripture found at Olympia is written : "Philonides, son of Zoilos,Chersonesian Cretan, King Alexander΄s day - measurer and stepper of Asia to Olympian Zeus dedicated".

Ancient writers tell the stories of athletes who worked at other jobs and did not spend all their time in training. For example, one of Alexander the Great's couriers, Philonides, who was from Chersonesus in Crete, once won the pentathlon, which included discus, javelin, long jump, and wrestling competitions as well as running. However, just as in the modern Olympics, an ancient athlete needed mental dedication, top conditioning, and outstanding athletic ability in order to make the cut.

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