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  Archaeological finds provide evidence that Lesvians have been involved with the arts since the 14th century BC. Owing to the plentiful deposits of clay on the island Pottery, and to a lesser extend the working of copper, flourished Gradually Lesvos became a well-known pottery centre and numerous workshops were established, especially at the areas of Ayiassos and Mandamados. In the workshops various ceramic objects for daily or ornamental use were produced. The decorative motives had their origin in the Byzantine tradition and the beauty of the Lesvian nature. The above small towns (Ayiasos and Mandamados) keep the tradition in pottery to this day and characteristic samples of the art are exhibited at the Folk Art Museums and Folk Collections of the island.
  Fretwork also flourished, owing to the abundance of wood mainly from olive and chestnut trees. Fretwork was used in monasteries and churches for the creation of icon screens, iconostases and other objects and in houses (in ?sachnisinia? (wooden balconies), roofs, doors, stairs) and of course in furniture. Even today the wooden chest or ?Kassela? decorates the Lesvian house. In this case too, the decorative motives commonly used echo the Byzantine tradition and nature. Today, the visitor can admire older fretwork items at Folk Art Museums and Folk Collections as well as visit wood carving workshops.
  The island was also famous for its weaving: yarns dyed with plant dyes were used to weave colourful textiles in wooden looms. Weaving was an occupation reserved to women. In this case too, it is nature that provides most of the motifs used. The visitor can admire samples of this craft at the Folk Art Collections of the island and also buy unique traditional textiles from various workshops and Women?s Co-operatives at the villages and small towns of Lesvos.

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