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  Almost three hundred people live permanently today on Agios Ephstratios. They are occupied motly with fishing as well as with the breeding of animals and less with agriculture. A large part of the island's land still belongs to the Monasteries of Mount Athos (Megistis Lavras, Dionysus and Karakallou), and is rented to the natives. From the 16th century until the beginning of the decade of 60's, the economy of the island was dependant on the picking of acorns.
  The last few years, tourism has begun to develop. Basically, what attracts foreigners is the beautiful and clean sea-shores, the relaxing life-style as well as the fresh fish and the excellent cheese.
This text (extract) is cited May 2003 from the Prefecture of Lesvos & Lemnos Provincial Government tourist pamphlet.

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