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Aboriginal inhabitants of Peloponnese, formerly called Pelasgians, and Azanians, an inland people, their confederacy, live on acorns, wear wolfskins and bearskins, partial to square images, their foreign wars, army collected by Herakles, robbed of their cattle by a satyr, join Herakles in his attack on Oechalia, help the Dioscuri to capture Athens, cross to Asia with Telephus, go to Troy in borrowed ships, their muster for the Trojan war, catalogue of A. in Homer, side with Messenians against Lacedaemonians, number of A. sent to Thermopylae, defeated by Lacedaemonians at Dipaea, hold Olympic games, invades Elis, tomb of A. at Olympia, adhere to Achaean League, defeated by Romans at Chaeronea, side with Antony against Augustus, Common Hearth of.

Arcadians, Arkadians, Arcadian, Arkadian, Arkades

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