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Expose one of their sons every month to the (Teumessian) vixen, at war with Minyans of Orchomenus, the Sphinx propounds a riddle to the, they seek counsel of Tiresias, defeated by the Argives, abandon the city, found Hestiaea, their battle with Euboeans, under Nycteus defeated by Epopeus, king of Aegialus, defeated by Argives at Glisas, join Ionian migration to Asia, four hundred Thebans march to Thermopylae, defeat Athenians at Delium, capture and destroy Plataea, defeated by Agesilaus at Coronea, defeat Lacedaemonians at Leuctra, build treasury at Delphi out of spoils of battle of Leuctra, found Messene, restore Mantinea, raised to highest place by Epaminondas, march against Sicyon, expel Orchomenians, defeat Megarians, expelled by Alexander, restored by Cassander.

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