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History of the, their muster for the Trojan war, at war with Phlegyans, join Ionian emigration to Asia, at war with Thessalians, guard pass over Mt. Oeta against Persians, their fortification of Thermopylae, contingent with Leonidas, Phocian guard on the path Anopaea, Phocian feud with Thessaly, Phocis overrun by Persians, courage of a Phocian contingent in Mardonius' army, Artabazus' flight to Phocis, ravage Locris, denounce Thebans to Lacedaemonians, fined by Amphictyons for cultivating sacred land, allies of Spartans, allies of Athenians, at war with Thebans, seize Delphic sanctuary, propose to destroy Delphi, revolt from Macedonia, strenuous in repelling Gauls, number of Phocians who fought Gauls at Thermopylae, belong to Amphictyonic League, in Sicily, offerings of Phocians at Delphi, Phocian confederacy, `Phocian despair,' proverb, Phocian parliament, Phocian or Sacred War, Phocian watchword.

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