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Ancient tribes


This tripartite cultural division of the island is first reflected in the prehistoric settlement of the island by the semi legendary tribes of the Ellopians in the north, the Abantes in the center, and the Dryopians in the south. Perseus Encyclopedia: id euboea [E: Euboea: Physical Description: History]
Surface finds suggest that (Histaia) it continued to be occupied during the Early Iron Age, probably by the Aiolic speaking Ellopians or Perrhaibians who seem to have replaced the Homeric Abantes. The Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites (Histiaia).
The Ellopians migrated to Histiaea and enlarged the city, being forced to do so by Philistides the tyrant, after the battle of Leuctra. (Strabo 10.1.3)


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The island was called, not only Macris, but also Abantis; at any rate, the poet, although he names Euboea, never names its inhabitants 'Euboeans', but always 'Abantes'. Aristotle says that Thracians, setting out from the Phocian Aba, recolonized the island and renamed those who held it 'Abantes'. (Strabo 10.1.3)
As eponymous also refered Abas, son o Lynceus, king of Argos.
Another eponymous is the local hero Abas from Chalcis, son of the nymph Arethousa by Poseidon.


... But he (Theseus) sheared only the fore part of his head, just as Homer said the Abantes did, and this kind of tonsure was called Theseis after him. Now the Abantes were the first to cut their hair in this manner, not under instruction from the Arabians, as some suppose, nor yet in emulation of the Mysians, but because they were war-like men and close fighters, who had learned beyond all other men to force their way into close quarters with their enemies.

Ancient authors' reports

There were also some Aeolians from the army of Penthilus who remained in the island, and, in ancient times, some Arabians who had crossed over with Cadmus.

Names of the inhabitants


Their muster for the Trojan war.


Perseus Project Index. Total results on 25/4/2001: 76 for Euboeans.

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