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Of Aetolian origin, called after Eleus, formerly called Epeans, most law-abiding people in Peloponnese, Polyxenus, king of the, their wars, send forty ships to Trojan war, contend with Pisans for management of Olympic games, at war with Pisans, aid Messenians in Second Messenian war, war of Herakles with the, alliance of E. with Athenians, Argives, and Mantineans, at war with Lacedaemonians, forced to dismantle walls of their city, at war with Arcadians, march with Thebans against Sicyon, revolt from Macedonia, dedicate image of Zeus at Olympia and image of Athena, do not compete at Isthmian games, consult oracle of Ammon in Libya, only people who worship Hades, sacrifice once a month on all altars at Olympia, Elean women bewail Achilles at sunset, Elean antiquaries, ancient writings of Eleans, Elean register of Olympic victors, Elean tribes.

Ancient tribes


  The Caucones are mentioned among the most ancient inhabitants of Greece. (Strab. vii. p. 321.) As they disappeared in the historical period, little could be known respecting them; but according to the general opinion they were the most ancient inhabitants of that part of Peloponnesus, which was afterwards called Elis. Strabo says that they were a migratory Arcadian people, who settled in Elis, where they were divided into two principal tribes, of which one dwelt in Triphylia, and the other in Hollow Elis. The latter extended as far as Dyme in Achaia, in the neighbourhood of which there was a tributary of the Teutheas bearing the name of Caucon. (Strab. viii. pp. 342, 345, 353.) The Caucones in Triphylia are mentioned by Homer, and are called by Herodotus the Pylian Caucones. (Hom. Od. iii. 366; Herod. i. 147.) They were driven out of Triphylia by the Minyae. (Herod. iv. 148.)

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