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Worship Athena Asia, Phrixus and the ram with the golden fleece among the, voyage of Jason to land of (Colchis), search for the Argo, demand the restoration of Medea from Alcinous, settle among the Phaeacians.

Ancient tribes


(Heniochoi). A people in Colchis, north of the Phasis, notorious as pirates.

Heniochi, Heniochian: Perseus Project index


(Moschoi). A people of Asia, dwelling in the southern part of Colchis.

Koraxoi, Coraxi


Apsilae, Absilae, Apsilii (Apsilai, Apsilioi), a people of Colchis, on the coast of the Euxine, subject successively to the kings of Pontus, the Romans, and the Lazi. They are mentioned by Procopius as having long been Christians. In their territory were the cities of Sebastopolis, Petra, and Tibeleos. (Arrian, Peripl. Pont. Eux.; Steph. B.; Plin. vi. 4; Justinian. Novell. 28; Procop. B. G. iv. 2; Agathias, iii. 15, iv. 15.)


(Manraloi, Ptol. v. 10. § 6), a people on the coast of Colchis, whose name has been traced in the modern Mingrelia.


  Moschi (Moschoi, Hecat. Fr. 188, ap. Steph. B. s. v.), a Colchian tribe, who have been identified with the Meschech of the prophet Ezekiel (xxvii. 13; Rosenmuller, Bibl. Alterthumsk, vol. i. pt. i. p. 248). Along with the Tibareni, Mosynaeii, Macrones, and Mardae, they formed the, 19th satrapy of the Persian empire, extending along the SE. of the Euxine, and bounded on the S. by the lofty chain of the Armenian mountains. (Herod, iii. 94, vii. 78.) In the time of Strabo (xi. pp. 497-499) Moschice (Moschike)-in which was a temple of Leucothea, once famous for its wealth, but plundered by Pharnaces and Mithridates-was divided between the Colchians, Albanians, and Iberians (comp. Mela, iii. 5. § 4; Plin. vi. 4). Procopius (B. G. iv. 2), who calls them Meschoi, says that they were subject to the Iberians, and had embraced Christianity, the religion, of their masters. Afterwards their district became the appanage of Liparites, the Abasgian prince. (Cedren. vol. ii. p. 770; Le Beau, Bas Empire, vol. xiv. p. 355; St. Martin, Memoires sur l'Armenie, vol. ii. p. 222.)

This text is from: Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography (1854) (ed. William Smith, LLD). Cited August 2004 from The Perseus Project URL below, which contains interesting hyperlinks


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