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Monastery of Tatarna

Tel: +30 22370 95400

Tatarna Monastery

The first monastery, according to tradition, was built in the 11th century and was destroyed 300 years later. The second was built in 1556. Kourt Pasha destroyed the monastery in 1823, because at times it sheltered various great teachers and thousands of rebels. The third monastery was re-built from 1841 to 1844 by Bavarian engineer officers under Otto's orders. The complete destruction of the monastery happened in 1963 after a landslide in the area. In 1970 and 500 metres away from the old monastery, the new one was built. In spite of all the adventures and catastrophes, many rare and valuable holy relics were saved. It has a library with 633 texts. As well, some noteworthy texts from 1544-1578 have survived, having been published in Vienna, Venice and other European cities and the mosaic icon "The King of Glory" which dates from 1350.

This text is cited Apr 2003 from the Municipality of Karpenission URL below.

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