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EKALI (Suburb of Athens) ATTIKI

Monastery of St. Filothei at Ekali

Tel: +30 210 8131369

  It is a monastery for nuns placed in Ekali of Attica. It was founded in 1960 by the Archimandrite Kosmas Karambelas. Since 1963 it maintains an orphanage and a boarding - house for girls called «St. Trinity» carried by the nuns. It this foundation young girls aged from 13 years old and over are hosted and taken care till their marriage. The monastery, having 7 nuns lead by the abbess Philothei Papazoglou, celebrates in the 19th of February, in the Feast of St. Philothei the Athenian.

PENTELI (Suburb of Athens) ATTIKI

Monastery of Penteli

Tel: +30 210 8041757, 8042404, Fax: +30 210 8041755

  The Ceonobic Monastery of the Dormition of the Theotokos in Pendeli was founded in 1578 by Bishop Timotheos of Evripou (Evia), the memory of which honors our Church on 16 August. The Monastery is located roughly 18 kilometers from the center of Athens and is built in the Southern side of Pendeliko Mountain at altitude of around 430 meters.
  The Holy Monastery from its founding until the end of the Turkish occupation was under the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. During this time, Abbot Ierotheos of Pendeli Monastery travelled to Constantinople where he was able to secure the Stavropegaic merit of the Monastery from Patriarch Jeremias the B' (1572-1595) with a sigil, which unfortunately has not been recovered. A renewal of the Patriarchal privilege was granted by a second sigil from Patriarch Dionysius D' of Constantinople in the year 1678. In 1858 the Monastery came under the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Church of Athens. The Sultans occasionally offered various firmans that guaranteed the privileges and the rights of the Monastery, though these firmans were often abolished resulting in continued pillages. Many were the times that the Holy Monastery bore witness to pillages such as during the fall of Athens to Morozini (1688-1690) and another that took place during the battles for independence against the Turks in 1821, were the pillage was the result of the Holy Monastery's contribution to the efforts for the independence of the nation.
  In 1692 with a Patriarchal sigil the Monastery was amalgamated along with the Holy Monastery of Ntaou Pendeli and the Holy Monastery of Saint Nicholas Kalision. Today, however they are once again independent.
  In 1778 the holy Monastery constituted the shelter for the residents of Athens, which along with their Metropolitan Gabriel of Athens remained on the grounds of the Monastery in order to avoid a horrible epidemic of plague which decimated a large part of population of Athens. These citizens were cared for by the Monastery for roughly two years.
  The Holy Monastery was renovated in the year 1768 and in 1858 the building was extended in order to accommodate approximately 120 monks. During the time of Abbot Cyrillos B’ the main Church was repaired and decorated. Today in the Monahologio (a list of Monks serving the Monastery) of the Monastery there are 58 monks and hieromonks registered, 17 monks reside permanently in the Monastery and 1 is a postulant. The Monastery also includes monuments of significant traditional and historical value such as the Museum of the Monastery and the Main Church or Catholicon.

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