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Wines of Chios

. . . although good wine is produced by the islands all round, and although most of the whole of the adjacent mainland produces the best of wines, for example, Chios and Lesbos and Cos.


Ouzo, an ...old story

  The Chian ouzo was produced in early times and played a primary role in the Chians’ social lives. Originally, it was considered an alcoholic beverage for men, however, throughout the course of time, it was served during special occasions, such as welcoming guest, bidding farewell as well as an aperitif prior to serving dinner. Seafood traditionally accompanies ouzo, thus, creating a strong and delightful combination.
  The island of Chios, known as the cradle of spices and aromas, produces a variety of soft and smooth ouzo, which depends on the recipe used. The traditional ingredients include glykanissos (aniseed) combined with maratho (fennel), koliandro (cilantro) and the unique mastic.
Clearly disassociated from the local tsipouro (raki) and from souma (suma), which is mainly produced by figs. Chian ouzo is still distilled primarily in the small copper stills (kazania) of traditional family manufacturers.

This extract is cited May 2004 from the Promoting Tourism Prefectural Committee of Chios URL below, which contains images.

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