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  The traditional wedding of Siphnos, with a prolonged ritual before and after the ceremony, where leading roles, apart from the bride and the groom are also held by the best man and the maid of honour. Characteristic are the two 'tacimia' (pairs) of musical instruments, played for two days and nights, the 'pasteli', a delicacy offered in rhomboid shapes, the bride's dance, led necessarily by all the guests and the hundreds of improvised wishes in the form of poems heard all day and all night.

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•The name days, which constitute a social and cultural event, during which half of the island travels to wish every best to the other half, and which most of the times turn into night-long feasts with traditional instruments, dancing and singing.
•Carnival. Carnival also has its special colour; unless something sad happens in-between, the whole island feasts until Shrove Monday, consuming tons of wine. All during the Carnival, there are people dressed up wandering around, called in Siphnos' local dialect 'camels' with costumes full of inspiration and humour.
•Saturday evening 'chickpea soup' and Paschal 'mastelo' are customs for the families in Siphnos. Every Saturday, the 'scepastaria' is prepared, a clay pot with chickpeas, which is given to the local bakery, to be left to bake until Sunday morning. Every Saturday before the Easter day, the traditional plate of the evening is 'mastelo', lamb in the oven in a clay pot. Both have a special taste due to particularly difficult recipes and to their particularly slow stewing in the oven.
•The burning of Judas, the Easter 'Lolopanigiro' in February, Kyr-Vorias on the last Sunday of the Carnival and Lent game 'tsounia' are special customs of Siphnos, having ancient roots, which time and progress have not erased.

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