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The Eve of Epiphany

, , 5/1/2003 - 6/1/2003

On January 5th, following the ancient Christian tradition, on this day the local priest tours the whole town, house to house, entering and blessing each house. Tradition has it, that the bad spirits who saw the tree of the earth, when they come in contact with the holy water they turn to dust.
On the 6th, after the morning church service, thousands of people gather at the portside, many in small boats and other craft. A procession from the church arrives and after a short prayer the local priest he throws a small decorated cross into the freezing waters. This is to symbolize the baptism of Jesus Christ. This is the signal for men and boys of all ages, to dive into the sea with complete disregard for the cold and they race to reach the cross as it sinks to the see floor. The victor, who successfully retrieves the cross, receives the blessings of the priest and church for the rest of the year.


Maundy Thursday

When the evening church service finishes local women and girls gather in the church hall. Here they take great pride in the painstaking work of adorning the symbol of the coffin of Christ. Each flower ribbon and candle is placed with loving care. Many hours and many people end up making a beautiful masterpiece. Of course many people like to visit just to watch the work in progress.


The height of the days long services culminate a few minutes before midnight, thousands of people have congregated at the church inside and out. The lights of the thrush go out and the people await the coming of the "first light" from Jerusalem. Suddenly the priest appears with the light and the congregation with many decorated candles takes light from this and spread it throughout the crowd. The church bells peal in triumph and happiness and fireworks light the sky from everywhere making night into day (they continue long into the morning). The crowd exchanges greetings and best wishes with each other and then starts to wind their way home to their houses, carrying the first light and marking a cross with the smoke above the doorway of their houses and then bringing the light inside. Then after the fasting is over, traditional foods "magiritsa" and "patsas" are eaten by most.

Easter Sunday

A day of celebration from morning to night, everywhere from early morning, fires are prepared and then lambs are roasted on long spits over the hot coals. Hot work that requires many hands and much refreshment, this is a day where families get together catch up on the previous year and the singing and dancing begin. Everywhere there is joy and high spirits and celebrations go on all day.




Sts Constantine & Helen


Good Friday

A sad day for all, the church bells toll mournfully throughout the day for the dead. The atmosphere of the village is heavy. Then after the evening church service the sacred drama reaches its zenith. A procession forms and the cross and the symbol of the coffin of Christ that was prepared the previous night leave the church and tour the village. Boys of the service and girls dressed in white costume lead the procession chanting as the procession moves slowly around the village. It stops at intervals where the people pass under the symbol to take a blessing. Eventually they return to the church where it is laid to rest.


Patron St. Nicholas

, , 6/12/2002

The feast day of Saint Nicholas our protector, from an evening church service the icon of St Nicholas is paraded around the village with marching band and music and beautiful costumes.

St. Serafim

, , 5/5/2001 - 6/5/2001

Many many years ago Epidavros was plagued with millions of Locusts that destroyed all the greenery. The skies were so full of them that day became night. Not knowing what to do and at their wits end, the people congregated at the church on the eve of the saint day "Serafim". Along with the priest they took the saints icon around the village and suddenly a miracle happened, the Locusts took flight and went into the sea. The next day the 6th the people of Aegina Island found their shores covered by millions of dead Locusts, and now every year they arrive on this date by the boatload to remember the event. On the evening of the 5th the same icon is paraded around the village, with followers in traditional costumes singing beautiful songs of praise.


St. Leonidis



St. Athanassios

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Epidavros countryside festival

As in previous years (1998 to 2000) the harbour in Ancient Epidavros will be transformed into an open-air exhibit, a multi coloured market, displaying examples of all the local, traditionally cultivated food products produced in the area. Including citrus fruits, oil, honey, olives, wine, Hilopites (Greek pasta), semolina, cheeses, traditional Greek breads and biscuits, traditional homemade sweets, marmalades, ceramics and cosmetics prepared with natural ingredients as well as displays of live fish. Every year has brought something new to the festival and we wait to see what excitement this year will bring.
Originally the first festival was organized as an experiment with the initiative of the Association of Friends of Music and the ex mayor N.Georgas in the frame of "Mousikou Iouli" and it has shown in the last two years that the combination of business development, tourism and local agriculture work together well without affecting the environment and its local traditions. We look forward to entertaining you this year.

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