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ASSINI (Ancient city) ARGOLIS
  Ancient Asine has been identified with the rocky promontory, today called Kastraki, by the village of Tolo.
  The excavations began in the 1920’s by a French team but were continued by the Swedish after the Crown Prince of Sweden visited the site. They investigated the Acropolis and the parts of the southern and eastern slopes of the Barbouna hill across it. It was found that people had lived in the area more or less continuously since the Early Bronze Age or the beginning of the third millenium BC until late Antiquity, approximately the fourth century AD.
  Asine was never a major site in the Argolid but it nevertheless played an important role as a wellprotected harbour during its history. Its strategic importance is very much in evidence at the site, where today mainly the Hellenic fortifications are preserved. They were repaired in Ottoman times and reused by the Italian occupation forces during the Second World War.
  Today, within the site there is a church dedicated to Virgin Mary.
This text is cited March 2004 from the Tolo Business Association tourist pamphlet.

DASKALIO (Isolated island) ASSINI
  Behind Romvi there is an island called Daskalio, which was fortified by the Venetians and there are remnants of that fortification preserved until today.
  The church of Panagia Zoodohos Pigi, built in 1688, rises on the highest point of the island.
This text (extract) is cited March 2004 from the Prefectorial Self-Government of Argolida tourist pamphlet.

  In the Vicinity of Dendra, the archaeological excavations in 1938 dag up magnificent carved and vaulted tombs, the funeral gifts of which were transferred and are now permanent exhibits in the Museums of Nafplio and Athens. The most prominent among these finds are the mycenean panoply, which was made in around 1450BC, and the urn depicting an octopus, representative of the naturalistic technique.
  The archaeological site in Dendra is one of the most important archaeological sites of the Province, as it is for that matter shown by the finds of more recent excavations in that area.
This text (extract) is cited March 2004 from the Prefectorial Self-Government of Argolida tourist pamphlet.

Iria Community

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TOLO (Small town) ARGOLIS
  An old fishing village, Tolo is spread out along a lovely beach and its inhabitants are renowned for their hospitality.
  In its sparkling sea you ’ll be able to enjoy swimming, fishing and every kind of water sport. As for accommodation as well as your entertainment, Tolo boasts many hotels and furnished apartments, not to mention a great variety of bars, discos, tavernas, bouzouki clubs, cafes and other family-run businesses that offer the homey hospitality that has come to characterize the place.
  A modern tourist centre surrounded by ancient sites - Asine, Epidaurus, Tiryns, Mycenae, Argos, the Heraion, Nafplion- Tolo makes it easy to visit them by local bus, organized tours, car or motorbike. Daily excursions are also possible to Mystra, Sparta, Olympia, Delphi and Athens, while cruiseships and Flying Dolphins take you sightseeing on Spetses, Hydra, Poros and Monemvasia.
  Tolo is ideal for any kind of holiday, whether you want simply to bask in the pristine Greek sea, or whether you want to get to know the beautiful scenery and archaeological sites of the Peloponnese, both nearby and further afield.
This text is cited March 2004 from the Tolo Business Association tourist pamphlet.

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