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ANAXOS (Settlement) LESVOS

  Anaxos is a seaside resort extending rapidly in an ample plain. In the Anaxos gulf a sandy beach is forming the beauty of the area and promotes the touristic development. The village has many taverns and bars. In addition one can also find offices for renting cars and motorcycles. The yearly feast takes place on July 27, celebrating Saint Pandelehimon. Anaxos, not far to walk to Petra provides an extensive amount of accommodation, and many other services. Hotel/studio/apt are build rapidly here to cover any tourist’s desire. Hotels at "ANAXOS BEACH" are located on the beach of Anaxos, near Petra and are very close to the shopping and entertainment establishments.

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  Some five kilometres to the southwest of Petra, οn the Roudi hill, with a panoramic sea view, is the village of Lafiona, or Lathiona (from the ancient Greek verb "lanthano", to lie hidden).
  Α little beyond the village square is the Church of the Dormition of the Virgin, a three - aisled basilica built in 1807 and renovated in 1920.
  The Church of St. Parasceva holds a major fair οn 26 Ju1y, at which the traditional "kίskek" is served, after being lovingly concocted in the shade of the age - old plane trees. Το the south of the village, two kilometres αway, οn α flat spot covered with pines and plane trees, are the ruins of an Early Christian church and the Chapel of St. Alexander.
  Nearby, α sarcophagus of grey trachyte in which in all probability the ascetic St. Alexander was buried, has survived.
  From the abandoned mountαin village οf Κlapados, which is οn the southern boundaries of the Municipality of Petra and was the site of the last victorious battles of the Greek troops against the Turks in December 1912 for the liberation of Lesvos, an enchanting ecological route starts out to Αghios Alexandros, through α publicly - owned pine wood of great beauty.
  On this route, it is possible from α high vantage point to appreciate the full grandeur of Anaxos, Petra, Mithymna, and Eftalou.

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PETRI (Settlement) LESVOS

  The small settlement, only 3 km on the eastern side of Petra, and surrounded by walnut trees and poplars is called Petri. In summertime Petri becomes an international haunt, since many foreigners have bought houses here. In Petri one can enjoy the panoramic view of all the area of Petra and especially the breath - taking sunsets. The yearly feast takes place on July 7, celebrating Saint Kiriaki.

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Psilometopo Community

Tel: +30 22530 91243

  Two kilometres east of Stypsi is Ipsilometopo, a small and attractive village, buried in its green trees.
  The Church of the Archangel (Taxiarches), at the entrance to the village, a work of 1807, is a scheduled monument. It is a three-aisled building in dark trachyte, with three conches, three altars and a very fine carved and gilded wooden sanctuary screen.
  The spring of Aslanis, amid tall plane trees, is well known for its crystal-clear water. The Women's Agro-Tourism and Craft Industry Co-operative of Stypsi-Ipsilometopo has a second workshop here.
  Two kilometres from the village is the Chapel of St Demetrius, built in 1954 on the site of the sanctuary of an Early Christian three-aisled basilica, of which the column bases and numerous architectural members have survived, scattered here and there or built into the chapel.
  The fair of St Marina at Ipsilometopo on 17 July is very well attended.


  Skoutaros is some eight kilometres west of Petra. A large semi - mountain village, it stands on the green northern slope of Skoteino, from which in α11 probability it takes its name.
  Its residents are chiefly farmers, stockbreeders and olive - growers, but in recent years, considerable numbers have been involved with tourism. It has two olive presses, one private and one belonging to the Skoutaros Agricultural Co - operative.
  It has an infants' school, α primary school, and a rural doctor's surgery. The "Anaxos" Cultural and Sports Club plays α major part in the life of the village.
  The residents of Skoutaros have α keen amateur interest in traditional music and theatre.
  In the village square is the Church of the Dormition of the Virgin; a three aisled basilica of 1880 with α fine carved wooden sanctuary screen and a bell - tower of grey trachyte. Near the church we can see the renovated neo Classical building of the old Elementary School, also of trachyte and built in 1909. Today. A school of carpet weaving operates on the premises.
  The port of the village is Anaxos, on the road from Petra to Skoutaros, with a vast beach, picturesque tavernas, rooms to let, and hotels.
  West of Anaxos is Mikri Tsichranta (Ambelia), an idyllic beach with green valley behind it. Further to the west is Megali Tsichranta, with the Chapel of St. Panteleimon, where a fair is held on 27 July to which the villagers attach great importance.

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Stypsi Community

Tel: +30 22530 91209

  The town of Stypsi located on the northern site of the island of Lesvos, a mountainous village 400 meters above the sea level 10 km. from Petra, from the north is protected from the mountain of Lepetymnos.

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