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Passenger Sea Lines

Dodekanisos Seaways

Tel: +30 22410 70590, Fax: +30 22410 70591

Yacht brokers


Caldera Yachting

Tel: +30 22860 23000, Fax: +30 22860 23430

The experience of a lifetime!

Caldera Yachting, represents the optimal sailing experience. We offer our clients the comfort and pleasure of luxury personalized cruises around the beautiful island of Santorini – an exceptional and unforgettable experience.

We offer cruises on a wide variety of vessels including luxury catamarans, sailing boats, motor yachts and traditional boat, all provided with a high quality service, which ensure flexibility, either to choose a group cruise, sharing and enjoying the beauty of the island, or to create your own program, experiencing a completely personalized excursion.

The principles of our company that lead to a successful result are:

  • consistency in the quality of our services,
  • respect to the requirements and the time schedule of the visitor,
  • harmonization with the traditional elements of the island,
  • recruitment of people with experience, knowledge and expertise, in order to create the ideal conditions for the customer to experience this ultimate experience.

Our Cruises

We guarantee a superb day of sailing in an uncrowded atmosphere while we take careof all practical aspects of the trip efficiency and in response to your wishes.

Enjoy a unique sailing experience to a scheduled Day Cruise, living the exhilarating feeling of crisp winds and unique deep blue waters of Santorini. Αdmire the beauty of the island, the unique volcanic beaches with their brilliant colors, peaceful bays for swimming and the spectacular view of Caldera.

Preferring a Sunset Cruise you will exploit your senses, not only of the imposing beauty of Caldera while sailing at the coastline but you will impressed as you will float among one of the most famous sceneries of the world, the Santorinian Sunset. A real moment of truth begins while the unique colours of sunset are surfaced. Marvel at the shimmering stars in the sky and twinkling lights on the island by night.

And if you prefer to celebrate a special occasion and intimate moments, soaking up the brilliant colors of the island in their most dazzling form, you can arrange a half or a full day Private Cruise. Specialized, fully customized events can also be arranged or a full day schedule of your preference, visiting a nearby island of Santorini, such as Anafi with its crystal blue waters, Ios reaching beautiful beaches and peaceful bays, Myconos, known for its cosmopolitan life, Folegandros, with its relaxing atmosphere.

All our cruises include transportation, lunch or dinner with traditional products, snorkeling gear for a different experience, towels, maps and all information about our island.

Our crew who are fully knowledgeable of the waters around Santorini and the Aegean Sea are at your disposal to suggest and organize an excellent itineraryfor those who want to explore the area and surrounding Greek islands.


Volcano Yachting

Tel: +30 22860 21673, 28859

Live the ultimate Santorini sailing experience and enjoy exquisite moments of pleasure, relaxation and invigoration on board. Your dreamy Santorini catamaran cruise is available any time of the day or night, fully customizable to meet your needs and desires.

Whether you wish to enjoy a day out at sea discovering secluded beaches of Santorini or you choose to indulge in island hopping, whether you seek to find the perfect venue for a private wedding or the most wonderful party with friends, A Santorini sailing cruise is just what you need!

With a modern Santorini Catamaran fleet and with the know-how and long experience, at Volcano Yachting we are able to offer you unique Santorini sailing tours that will stay imprinted in your heart forever!

Among our services:

  • Wine-tasting
  • Fishing tour
  • Full moon
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries and Birthday parties
  • Yoga session
  • Massage
  • Dining
  • Harpist / violist / folk music on board
  • Videography and photography

Trust Volcano Yachting for a Santorini cruise that exceeds your expectations and leaves you craving for more...Welcome!

Alpha Yacht Services

Tel: +30 22890 78793

Mykonos Yachting

Tel: +30 22890 28660

Our marine tourism business set off its activities in the early 90’s, with the formation by Mr. Dimitris Zafeiropoulos of the WaterAction Sports School, based at Agrari Beach, Mykonos. Mr. Zafeiropoulos is the Founder and the Owner of Mykonos Yachting. Certified as a Water Sports’ Trainer, he was involved in the water sports and diving field for many years. In order to introduce the hidden treasures of Mykonos to those visiting the island, he builds Glassbottom Discovery, a yacht with 10 square meters of glass at the bottom of her salon. Glassbottom is a unique yacht that not only she can host up to 80 people, while being built according to the standards and the comfort that a yacht can provide. Since then, the growing demand for additional and tailor-made services made imperative the expansion of Mykonos Yachting fleet. At this very moment the company owns 9 motor yachts, all of them in perfect condition and available 24 hours in Mykonos. The profound knowledge of our field, the constant updating and the offer of new services, along with the excellence in customer service are those factors that put Mykonos Yachting in the first range. Our team is passionate and enthusiast. We know what to recommend and we establish long-lasting relationships with our guests. We have the education and the experience to ensure that they enjoy an exceptional cruising experience.

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