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Archaeological Museum

  The Museum of Ancient Sparta is the only museum built in Greece between 1874 and 1876 by architect G. Katsaros. The exhibits within the museum represent only a small portion of the ruins found in excavations within the town of Sparta and areas around it. One of the most important samples is part of the Temple of goddess Artemis. The Temple was built back in 10th Century BC and survived during most of the Roman era. The plethora of findings from the Temple reveals the great number of vows to the goddess. Some of them are made out of ivory and stone, while others are made of clay, like the clay masks (copies of wooden ones) used during ceremonies in the Temple. There are also a large number of labeled columns with built in metal scythes, commemorating the winners of contests dedicated to goddess Artemis. In a different area within the museum, there are parts of the Temple of Apollon in Amycles. The particular temple was designed in a unique way in order to combine the worship of Doric Apollon and early Doric Hyacinth. The excavations around the town of Sparta revealed parts of wealthy family ancient houses, like the elaborate mosaic floors which are now on display in another section of the museum. Two of the most famous floor samples depict the head of Achilles from Skyros and the head of Gorgos. The Museum includes findings from areas beyond Sparta, ranging from the pre-historic era to the Roman times. Some of the pre-historic findings are located upstairs and originally come from all over Laconia (Melathra, Epidauros, Amykles, Pellana) and Arcadia (Palaiokastro, Gortynia). Hopefully, a newer and larger museum will be built soon and it will accommodate the majority of the treasures of the ancient Laconia.

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