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Persians 655 - 620 bc
Artemisia, Princess of Caria 332 BC
Sister-wife of Mausolus. When the Rhodians attacked Halikarnassos in an attempt to take Caria, Artemisia defeated them, embarked her own soldiers and oarsmen in the ships of the Rhodians and set forth for Rhodes. conquered the island, and gained possession of some Greek cities on the mainland. After taking Rhodes and killing its leading men, put up in the city of Rhodes a trophy of her victory, including two bronze statues, one representing the state of the Rhodians, the other herself.
Artemisia Rhodes: Perseus Lookup Tool, text search
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Romans 42 BC - 396 AD
Rhodes was the chief naval power of the Mediterranean during the last three centuries before Christ: its power was broken B.C. 42, at its capture by Cassius.
Cassius Rhodes: Perseus Lookup Tool, text search
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Arabians, 653 - 658 AD
Arabians, 717 - 718 AD
Crusaders, 1097 A.D.
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Venice 1204 - 1224 AD
From Ioannis Doukas Vatatzis, emperor of Nikea. ,  1224 - 1246
Genoa ,  1246 - 1250
Nicaea ,  1250 - 1261
Turks ,  1283 - 1306
1306 - 22/12/1522
The Genoas sold the island to the Knights of the Order of St. John
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Turks ,  1522 - 1912
http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/cgi-bin/ptext?doc=Per... English
Italians ,  4/5/1912 - 1943

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