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Type of location: Port, Beach, Beaches under Ministry of Environment Inspection, Marina, Town hall, Province capital, Municipal district, Blue Flag 2007, Blue Flag 2008, Blue Flag 2002, Blue Flag 2009, Blue Flag 2010, Blue Flag 2011, Blue Flag 2013, Blue Flag 2014
Postal Code: 72300
Tel +30 28430
Altitude: 21 meters
Longitude: 26o 6' 0" E
Latitude: 35o 12' 27" N

Ferry lines that operate to the port

Shipping Companies Agents
Aegeon Pelagos Sea Lines (EP) Sitian Holidays
(Travel Agent)
Tel: +30 28430 28555, 22765
Fax: +30 28430 22492

Navigator (1)

Sitia anchorage
Location: 35 *12'.7 26*06'.5 (light on harbour's outer wall) (28430) 22310 VHF Ch 12,14,19
Sitia is the most eastern harbour in Crete. It is easily seen from the west after you round Akrotiri Vamvakia. The Venetian fort above the harbour is very apparent from the west also. There is a lighthouse on the Akotiri that is very visible during the day. The buildings along the waterfront and of the town are also apparent from the sea.

Facilities: Sitia has good shopping for all provisions. There is water on the quay and fuel refill may be arranged. Minor repairs can be done in Sitia. There are Port Police and Custom Officials but no Immigration as Sitia is not a Port of Entry. Sitia has a General Hospital as well as private doctors, dentists, and pharmacies. There are banks, and telecommunication facilities and post offices with full services. There are also bus connections with Agios Nikolaos, Iraklion and Ierapetra and car rental agencies. The town of Sitia has many hotels and tavernas.

Comments: The stern-to bow-to mooring in the harbour provide good protection from all winds. The harbour entrance is lit by a flashing green light on the right and a flashing red one on the left.

This text is cited Oct 2002 from the Crete TOURnet URL below, which contains image.

Crete TOURnet WebPage
http://www.crete.tournet.gr/Harbour.jdp?ID=13 (5 img.) English German Greek

Useful Information (5)

 Port Authority
Port Authority of Sitia
Tel: +30 28430 27117, 22310Fax: +30 28430 22310
 Tourist police
Tourist Police Station of Sitia
Tel: +30 28430 24200
 Port information
  The harbour is the best in the eastern part of the island and can accommodate small fishing boats and larger cargo and transport boats as well. The weekly boats for Rhodes leave from here. Around the harbour there are many restaurants and tavernas as well as coffee shops.
Crete TOURnet WebPage
http://www.crete.tournet.gr/Site.jdp?ID=93 (5 img.) English German Greek
Sitia Port
Ministry of Merchant Marine WebPage
http://www.yen.gr/ports/Html_Files/m_152.asp GreekMinistry of Merchant Marine WebPage
http://egov.yen.gr/Folder.2003-07-23.3654/Folder.2... Greek
Police Department of Sitia
Tel: +30 28430 22259, 22266Fax: +30 28430 25119

Local governments (3)

Municipality of Sitia
Tel: +30 28433 40500
Sitia Municipality Cultural and Tourism Development Enterprise
Tel: +30 28430 23775Fax: +30 28430 22681
Sitia Development Organization S.A.
Tel: +30 28430 23590, 25341Fax: +30 28430 25341

Selected tourism enterprises (3)

 Travel agencies
Tzortzakis Travel
Tel: +30 28430 29211Fax: +30 28430 29212
Danae Travel Bureau
Tel: +30 210 3247511Fax: +30 210 3254775, 3249996, 3233384
Travel And More-N.KTzortzakis & Co
Tel: +30 28430 20500Fax: +30 28430 20501

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